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Admin Keen on Developing Propylene Projects: CEO

Admin Keen on Developing Propylene Projects: CEO
(Sunday, March 14, 2021) 19:04

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), Behzad Mohammadi, voiced the Rouhani Administration’s determination to complete the country’s propylene projects.

Mohammadi, who is also Deputy Minister of Petroleum for Petrochemical Affairs, said: “The National Petrochemical Company regards "product value chain development" as a basic strategy for quality improvement and intelligent development of the petrochemical industry.”

Speaking to NIPNA, Mohammadi pointed out that the propylene chain is the most important value chain of products in the petrochemical industry, but so far it has not been successful or its development has been insufficient.

He said that the major part of petrochemical imports is about $600 million which is in the propylene chain. “This figure accounts for 40% of the total value of imports of petrochemical products,” he said.

He added: "In investigating the causes of insufficient development of the propylene chain, we encountered cases such as problems and obstacles to the production of propylene in the country, because we know that if we produce enough propylene, the downstream chain will be attractive and will develop. A million tons of propylene is produced in the country, and to compensate for the shortage, we have defined plans that by the end of the Seventh Development Plan, in 2026, our propylene production will reach about 4 million tons.”

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