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Petrol Inks MOU for Construction of Lordegan Resin Urea Park

Petrol Inks MOU for Construction of Lordegan Resin Urea Park
(Monday, January 11, 2021) 20:33

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iranian Investment Group (Petrol) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for construction of Lordegan Resin Urea Park in order to complete the melamine and urea value chain and develop downstream industries in Lordegan.

The document was signed on Monday, January 11, in the presence of Rasoul Ashrafzadeh, CEO of Iranian Investment Group (Petrol), Iqbal Abbasi, Governor of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, and Sajjad Rostami, Head of Industry, Mine and Trade Organization.

Resin Urea Park includes 45 units in 6 zones with an investment of Rls. 20,097 billion. The total capacity of the units is 115,000 tons, which will create 2,860 direct and 5,200 indirect jobs.

19 downstream products including derivatives, chemical fertilizers, plastics industry, plastics, pollution removal systems, etc. will be produced in the park.

Resin Urea Park is defined as Lordegan Petrochemical Development Plan to complete the value chain of melamine and urea production, which will be implemented in cooperation with the private sector.

Development of downstream industries, completion of value chain, creation of sustainable employment, prevention of import of some products, outflow of currency, and production boom are other goals of construction of downstream industrial parks.

Lordegan Petrochemical Plant was built to prevent sales of crude oil and gas, create added value, eliminate deprivation in the region and create sustainable employment. The plant is built with 1.75 million tons of annual production capacity including 677,000 tons of ammonia and 1,075,000 tons of urea and with €875 million of investment in Lordegan.

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