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Noori Petchem Plant Announces Research Fields

Noori Petchem Plant Announces Research Fields
(Monday, December 21, 2020) 02:06

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Noori Petrochemical Plant has announced its plans and activities to upgrade technology, manufacturing and localization of technologies and equipment required for the complex.

According to the plant’s PR office, systematization of management of technology is one of the plant’s plans which is taking place for the first time in the petrochemical industry in Iran.

Hamid Rajaei, the Deputy of Research and Technology at the plant, presented a report on the research achievements of his company on the occasion of Research and Technology Week.

He said that in the field of research and technology in the plant, localization of catalysts, as well as development processes and updating modern technologies for survival and upgrading the position of the company in the market are under way.

“Localization of all the catalysts in the reforming area, which include more than 5 catalysts, as well as localization of chlorine adsorbent and, most importantly, upgrading and updating localized catalysts in the last three years have been the most important achievements of this unit,” he said.

He added: "We are constantly cooperating with many knowledge-based companies as well as prestigious universities in the country to achieve our goals in development and process projects, as well as solving process challenges. In this regard, projects to reduce energy waste, environmental issues, localization of advanced technologies and catalysts,.... have been defined with universities and knowledge-based companies.‌”

Rajaei announced the title of some of the main activities carried out and ongoing at Noori Petrochemical Plant:

Project to recover gas from flare stacks

Heavy Ingredients Sweetening Project (start of implementation stages)

Feasibility study of LTE to BTX conversion

Feasibility study of separation of metaxylene and ethyl benzene from xylene

Localization and upgrading of catalysts and chemicals (NFM chemical localization, chlorine adsorbent, xylene isomerization catalyst)

Energy analysis and optimization of energy consumption in units 200 and BTX production process

Life cycle assessment (LCA) of Noori petrochemical products

Localization of anti-surge system of compressors of unit 300

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