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Petrochem Industry Passing through Sanctions: MP

Petrochem Industry Passing through Sanctions: MP
(Wednesday, December 16, 2020) 17:00

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The petrochemical industry has been able to adapt to the complex conditions in the face of sanctions and has passed through tortuous times, a member of the Iranian parliament says.

In an exclusive interview with NIPNA, Ebrahim Neko said: "Today in Iran, the petrochemical industry is an established industry and has a strong infrastructure and strong foundations compared to other industries. Such industries usually know both the rules of the game and how to adapt to difficult situations. Fortunately, in the face of sanctions, the petrochemical industry has been able to adapt to these complex conditions and overcome the tortuous periods.”

The MP continued: “This industry was able to play its role well; However, during the embargo period, industries are naturally less active than under normal circumstances. However, the petrochemical industry fulfilled its mission well during the sanctions period. Criticisms can be made, but we should not forget that this industry has played a role in the currency appreciation and strengthening the country's financial strength and has been able to make a significant impact.”

He added: "Considering the development of petrochemicals in the country and the major role that this industry has in the country's economy, this industry is definitely expected to circumvent evil and mysterious plans such as sanctions to lead the country to its economic goals.”

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