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Plant Localizes PE Catalysts

Plant Localizes PE Catalysts
(Wednesday, October 7, 2020) 19:04

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – Iran’s Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company has successfully localized production of the catalysts it uses in its low-density polyethylene unit.

According to the company, the catalysts were previously monopolized by several American and European companies.

The plant was able to produce one of the catalysts used for production of polyethylene by relying on domestic capabilities.

Due to the high sensitivity and risk, the production process of this group of catalysts was monopolized only by a few European and American companies. However, Bandar Imam specialists injected this catalyst into polymer reactors for 50 days after various field and laboratory tests, and finally successfully replaced the foreign catalyst with the domestically-made ones.

Bandar Imam Petrochemical Plant, with this valuable success and gaining the technical knowhow to produce these catalysts, in addition to preventing the outflow of hard currency and maximizing the production capabilities of domestic companies, paved the way for the internalization of two other catalysts in the same production unit.

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